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Clonaid has had huge interest from people of all walks of life including many politicians and celebrities.
Human cloning discussion at the UN
Letter sent by Dr. Boisselier to all UN Ambassadors:

At the upcoming 59th session of the General Assembly you will decide whether I am a criminal or not. By the same token you will tell the 13 cloned children that are alive today and all the future ones, whether they are the result of a crime or of the desire of loving parents. You will tell these belated twins whether it is criminal to be a twin or not.

Centuries ago, twins were killed because primitive people thought they were evil. Today ethicists are telling you the same about cloned children, will you let them decide for you? Reproductive cloning is giving life to a few individuals and cannot harm any one. The Hollywood stories of monstruous defects have no real scientific bases if you listen to real experts and I would be happy to demonstrate this to you. In the future, reproductive cloning will enable all of us to live eternally. This is what Rael, founder of the Raelian Movement and of Clonaid, announced 30 years ago (see www.rael.org ) and what is slowly demonstrated in more and more laboratories around the world as they are working on brain mapping and personality transfer. By declaring human cloning a crime against humanity, you will just slow down an unescapable process as sooner or later, not only will we beat most of the diseases thanks to stem cells but we will also beat death thanks to cloning and a majority of people on this planet will request it.

The real crime against Humanity is to deny the right to live forever, deny the right to explore science freely and its wonderful benefits. I will be available any time to explain more about what Clonaid has acheived as I believe it is a major step for humanity. I am proud of what my team of scientists has achieved. I strongly urge you to listen to what they have to say and to what the parents of cloned children have to say.

Friday 22 October 2004 - 04:56:54

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