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CLONAID is a project name. The company name under which we operate is different and is not revealed for obvious security reasons as to protect the safety of it's employees and customers.
The second generation of clone babies about to be born

Dr Boisselier who has already successfully helped 5 couples to have a baby through human cloning technology is now in Australia where she will visit the cloned baby expected to be born in the next couple of days. She is also meeting with other parents to be and is helping them to build the Australian Human Clone Rights Foundation.

The whole Clonaid project team rejoices in seeing the 8 new pregnancies that have been developing very well and are about to come to term. They are now fully prepared to serve the hundreds of customers who will be cloned in the upcoming months. They also rejoice in seeing other doctors doing implantations proving this technology is not science fiction but today's reality, a reality that will be exposed when it is no longer a criminal offense. Meanwhile the Stemaid project providing stem cells technology to the public is on its way and will be fully presented in Las Vegas on March 30th where His Holiness Rael who inspired the project will be giving His first one week lecture in America.

Saturday 24 January 2004 - 00:30:28

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