Did you know..
CLONAID is a project name. The company name under which we operate is different and is not revealed for obvious security reasons as to protect the safety of it's employees and customers.
Alive and Well
13 cloned babies are now alive thanks to our dedicated team of doctors and scientists. They are all healthy and no problem has been found in any one of them that could be attributed to their mode of conception.
The 8 babies born in February and March of this year are located in Australia, Mexico ( 2 of them), Brazil, Spain, Italy, England and Hong Kong,
Each month, between 10 and 15 implantations will be performed in our laboratory.
Clonaid team is now looking for laboratories who would be willing to analyze tissue samples of one of our cloned baby girl and the ones of her mother and who could certify publicly that they have the same DNA but different telomeres. If you have such an interest, please contact us on this website

Sunday 28 March 2004 - 06:22:07

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